Frequently Asked Question's

How can I join CYT?
  • Entry to the youth theatre is via audition – you can fill an online application form here
  • You will then be invited to attend some workshops and an audition
  • Workshops are held over the summer holidays, and the auditions are held at the end of August
  • The workshops are free and will help you understand what youth theatre is all about
  • We also make sure that you know what you need to perform in your audition
  • Being able to dance is helpful, but not essential
How much does it cost?
  • The annual membership fee is ¬£50, payable in advance
  • This includes Hinkley Concordia Association membership and a t-shirt
When do we rehearse?
  • Wednesday evenings – 7.30pm to 9.30pm – in the Youth Theatre
  • Sundays – 10am to 1pm from February until our production in June – in the Rehearsal Room
When are the auditions?
  • Auditions take place at the end of August, ready for our yearly intake in September
  • Before the auditions we hold some free workshops over the summer¬†
How old do you have to be?
  • You must be in school year 8 to become a member of the youth theatre
  • New intake join in September to match the school year
  • You must not have reached the age of 20 by then
What if I'm too young to join?
  • There is another group that runs at the Concordia Theatre on a Saturday morning called Bright Musical Classes – please complete an online Contact Us form to be sent more information
When is the next production?
  • Our productions are usually in the 3rd week of June each year
  • Our next show will be Legally Blonde (June 2024)
What do we expect from our members?
  • All members are required to participate wholeheartedly in all workshops, events, rehearsals and our annual production
  • Timekeeping is essential; if you are late you will get “boo’ed”
  • Continued lateness and absenteeism is frowned upon and will likely result in you being given a “strike” – we operate a “three strikes and you’re out” rule
  • Commitment to the Concordia Youth Theatre
  • Honesty and an openness towards others
  • Respect for the Concordia Theatre, staff, patrons and the building
  • To perform to your highest standard, always giving maximum effort
  • Whilst you must have a modicum of talent in singing, dancing or acting, we prefer to take those that will offer continued commitment and a dedicated approach to the society
  • And last but by no means least – to have FUN !
How is the Youth Theatre set up?
  • The Concordia Youth Theatre committee is run with a Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and several other dedicated committee members
  • All committee and production team members are volunteers
  • Two representatives from the Youth Theatre members – a head boy and head girl act as senior members who CYT members can also liaise with if necessary
How are members protected?
  • The CYT takes the safeguarding and protection of all our members very seriously
  • Each member of the committee and production team undertake enhanced DBS checks and are chaperone licensed by Leicester County Council
  • The society also follows and adhere’s to the Concordia Theatre’s Safeguarding policy